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Molly launched Molly Moran Designs during the COVID-19 Pandemic when she saw the need for a new accessory, thus her beaded mask chain business was created. What started as a fun quarantine activity soon became a small business. 


Molly Moran Designs is named after the designer's late grandmother, Lillian Moran Stalter, who was a talented artist with an exquisite taste for jewelry.


I have always been one to march to the beat of my own drum so it’s no surprise that I took a leap of faith on myself. What started out as my little side hustle has now grown into a full-time business. Molly Moran is a collection of my creative work.


I enjoy creating my own ways of doing things. Taking new approaches to opportunities and flipping the whole thing upside down and inside out to come up with something new and exciting. My imagination is always taking me in different directions with ideas constantly flying around in my mind. I have been dreaming of a way to channel all my ideas into one platform and now I finally have!


Molly Moran has given me the opportunity to share my ideas in one place. I’m calling my website a creative collection because it’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing that I do. It’s an accumulation of all my creative work that I want to share with you!



Molly Moran is a lifestyle brand bringing Molly’s creative playground of ideas to everyday products at an affordable price. From head to toe and into your home, Molly Moran spreads a little happiness to everyone who encounters the brand


Bring creativity and happiness to all types of people around the world, Molly strives to be a recognizable and affordable lifestyle brand with many product lines ranging from art supplies to housing décor to clothing. Helping people change the way they look at things and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and find creative and insightful ways of doing things.

  • Authenticity: Insisting on being yourself is one of our top values at Molly Moran. Molly’s personality shines through in all her products. She strives to only create products that she believes will help others. Molly Moran is as real as it gets when it comes to a lifestyle brand. Believing that one should not take themselves too seriously, Molly thinks that having a sense of humor is important in every aspect of life. Our mentality is that it is ok to mess up, that is how we grow. We practice taking personal responsibility for all actions good and bad and believe that the best way to be truly authentic is to nurture one’s spirit.

  • PositivityA positive work environment with continuous learning opportunities is important. Molly Moran is a happy place for all who encounter the brand. We promote helping others and encourages everyone to practice treating others the way they want to be treated.

  • Quality: We always aim to over-deliver by taking time to sit back and formulate a responsible plan of action in all phases of product development. This way we ensure that everything Molly Moran puts out is of high quality and something she trusts will help others.

  • Tenacity: The motto “Work hard play hard” is the perfect way to describe our work ethic at Molly Moran. We are always willing to put in the hard work because we know it will pay off in the end. Molly promotes having fun, but also remembers to be organized and meet deadlines. Our goal is to always give more than we receive. Molly encourages others to always do good even if it goes unnoticed. Give the world the best you got and that is what we try to do every day at Molly Moran.

  • Adaptability: Always open to new and creative ideas, grow from your mistakes, and be willing to ask for help. We strive to approach every situation willing to learn and adapt to changes along the way. You never know what beauty can come from looking at something in a new light. We believe in rolling with the punches and loosely holding on to your original game plan. Plans change, that’s just life so you can either jump on and ride with the changes that come your way or step aside and never know what could have been. We say take the ride! It is worth it!